45 Days of Prayer and Fasting – 2023

The enemy has cruel intentions toward the child of God. He is dead set on destroying everything that is in order and all that the believer holds dear. How do we combat this in our everyday lives?

At C3 Church, we believe that God has helped us with a vision, a mandate for the new year – “Keeping our eyes on Jesus! Do not allow ourselves to get off this path and make sure that we all spend our time and talent on Jesus as the focus.

After a battle, there must be reorganization. We have certainly been in a battle for a few years and now it’s time to reorganize spiritually. We believe that this is what the Holy Spirit is calling us to do in the month of January and beyond. From January 15-March 1, 2023, we are committed to focus on Prayer and Fasting.

Prayer: Commit to set aside a time each day to pray, whether individually or corporately. If you lead a small group or a ministry, make the focus prayer for these 45 days. Make this part of your family routine as well. Prayer is the difference between the best that we can do and the best that God can do!

Fasting: This usually means going without food. You will see the time you devote to food and what a distraction it is as you commit to set that aside. Maybe it’s 1 meal a day or a certain category of food. There are other things that you can go without, too. We would encourage you to go without something – make a sacrifice. Get rid of distractions and time wasters.

Included is a great way to fast and yet have strength in your body to function. It is the Daniel Fast method. Fasting is the is the best way to “detach” us from the world and “attach” ourselves to God!

However God leads you to spend this focused time of prayer and fasting, we encourage you to “turn your eyes to Jesus”. As we do this our focus will sharpen and our spirits renewed to be fervent in battle!God is going to show up and show off His power, His grace, and His goodness!
Check out the below links for more helpful resources as you join us on this journey of prayer and fasting.