Show your pride and commitment to C3 Church with a logo t-shirt, sweatshirt, pullover, vest, fanny pack, or hat.  There’s something for the whole family!


Order your C3 Church and GPY logo apparel and accessories now! The perfect option when ministering to our community outside of church, or to show solidarity during Sunday service, Midweek Encounter, MOI Prayer, and more.


Many styles and color options from which to choose. Adult, youth, and infant options available.


Orders accepted through Sunday, August 23, 2020 (no late orders will be accepted).


Don’t forget to think ahead–C3 Church apparel makes a great gift!

Place Your Order Today!



Midweek Encounters begin Wednesday, May 27 at 7pm.

Sunday Services begin Sunday, May 31 at 9am.

Our live virtual services will continue on Facebook, YouTube and our website.

We know that COVID-19 has affected us all in different ways and we want to be conscience and gracious towards one another. With that in mind this is the plan that we will follow to ensure safety and comfort:

  • If you are experiencing any type of flu symptoms and or a fever, we ask that you not participate in any C3 Church service or small group.
  • When you come into the building we ask that you sit with your family. 
  • We will not be eliminating any chairs and ask that you respect the personal boundaries of others and practice social distancing.
  • We will not be passing an offering bucket, having communion, or be handing out bulletins.
  • Café 828 will not be open.
  • C3 kids will continue to meet online but will not be having classes on the campus.
  • C3’s Childcare room will be open for parents to use but will be unattended. We discourage congregating in the C3 Childcare space.
  • There will be extra measures taken to disinfect after services.
  • As you enter the building there will be masks and hand sanitizer for your convenience. Masks are not required to attend, however we will not discourage the use of them if this is your comfort level.
  • We are asking that you consider your time at church a “touchless experience”.  While you might feel comfortable with a hug and a handshake there are others who are not feeling the same. 


We are taking these precautions to protect our freedom of meeting together.  It is our desire to diminish any chance of spreading the virus at C3 Church.



Our next Starting Point group begins on May 18, 2020, form 6-7:30pm, with virtual sessions taking place every other week.


Starting Point is an 8-session gathering where your questions about God turn into a conversation about faith. Your questions and doubts are welcome — you can discuss your doubts and explore the trickiest topics of faith, free from pressure or judgment. 


Once again, Randy or Annette will be our Starting Point leaders. They want to be on your faith journey with you! To register or connect with our group leaders, complete the form here.



C3 Kids!  We’re so excited you are tuning in here with us today!  Even though we can’t meet in person at church, I encourage you to keep our connection strong by coming to Sunday school ONLINE.
March 22 Lesson: Jesus Calls Matthew to Be His Friend
March 29 Lesson: Jesus Heals A Deaf Man
April 5 Lesson: Palm Sunday- Jesus’ Triumphant Entry



Dear C3 Family,

We want to communicate about the ongoing response we must take to the COVID-19 virus.  For the next 8 weeks, the DHS has asked that we not meet in groups larger than 10 people. Because of this we are moving solely to an online platform.  The good news is, we will continue to be the church we will just not be meeting in the church building.  Thankfully we have all the equipment and technology and understanding of what it takes to make this happen. It is just like if God had prepared us in advance!

We will be using our Facebook LIVE and our website to bring C3 Church to you.  We will be online streaming Sunday Morning Worship at 9AM and Wednesday Night Encounter at 7PM.  What you can expect is a full-blown praise and worship from our team and a message from Pastor Matt as well as announcements and connection to keep us encouraged and moving forward together.   There will also be links on our website for C3 kids to participate in a lesson or puppet show.  The links for activity sheets for these lessons will also be on our website.  Our GPY youth group will be connected through Instagram and Snapchat with our youth team.

We are encouraging people on Sunday Mornings and Wednesday evenings to connect with our C3 Church Family either in your small group OR in a small group and have connection in a home-based environment as replacing the large church gathering.  If you are looking for a connection to small group, please contact us either by replying to this email or calling the church office at the number below. 

It is important to know that our church continues to function and is here for everybody. As well, we will continue to support our missionaries and meet our own financial obligations.  We ask that you consider online giving, dropping your contributions at the church office, or mailing it to the church address below.   Pastor Matt and Angel will keep regular office hours and will be meeting with people as normal and taking phone calls.  So please reach out if you or anyone you know needs anything.  We will continue to update as new information comes our way.

Currently, we ask that you pray in a specific way…

That the light of Jesus would shine brightly through C3 Church and look in anticipation for the good that is coming from this crisis.  That our hearts would be filled with faith in Jesus Christ.

That our church family would stay healthy.

That our every person, YY’s, GPY, Kids Club, C3 Kids, CR Group would all feel connected, loved and know they are not alone.That this pandemic would be over quickly, loss of life minimal, and those on the front lines fighting this be strengthened and full of wisdom.
With lots of love and prayers for you all our C3 Church Family!
Pastors Matthew and Angelina Anderson and C3 Leadership Team



Due to the COVID-19 outbreak this event has been cancelled.
Please watch for a new fall date to be announced soon!
Are you ready to grow as a Christian leader? We are excited to bring you that opportunity!
We invite you to Destiny Connect, a regional event facilitated by Destiny Leaders and hosted at C3 Church’s Ellsworth campus on Saturday, April 25. 
Destiny Leaders isn’t just a senior pastor’s organization–they are a Christian Leaders Community. They’ve designed this event to equip, inspire and develop church leaders as well as provide opportunities to connect with other pastors and Christian leaders from our region. We’ll have lunch together and enjoy fellowship, powerful moments of worship, and hear from world class Christian leaders. Attendees will be abundantly blessed and have the opportunity to build relationships that last a lifetime!


C3 family, if you’re a leader we want you there, which is why we’ll be covering registration fees for our C3 leaders–it’s our way of investing in you!
We couldn’t be more excited for this development opportunity! Secure your registration today!


Destiny Connect
Saturday, April 25, 2020
10am – 3:00pm
C3 Church, Ellsworth Campus


NOTE: Meal tickets are $20 per person and can be paid upon registration. If your spouse or anyone from your team is planning on attending please make sure they have registered also.





Love in marriage is more than just a feeling. It’s a choice That has to be made every day. But, how do we keep making the choice to love and care for one another, especially when the dishes are dirty, the laundry needs to be done, and life is overwhelming? It’s in these moments that choosing one another doesn’t feel like butterflies, but looks more like a sacrifice. There is nothing greater than sacrificial love. A love that says I choose you no matter what. I choose you when the going gets tough. I choose you on your best days, and I choose you on your worst days because together we are better and together is exactly where God wants us to be!
The XO Conference is the premier marriage conference from MarriageToday, and C3 Church is bringing this amazing two-day experience to western Wisconsin!

XO Marriage Conference

Friday, February 14

6:00pm-9:30pm (dinner will be served at 6:15pm.  Session starts at 7pm-9:30pm)


Saturday, February 15

8:00am-12:00pm (light breakfast will be provided.  Session starts at 8am-12pm)
We will again have reservations for a buffet lunch at the west wind this is $17 a person and is not included with registration cost. Come ready to win some great resources for equipping you to have a Great marriage!



For more information call (715) 273-3678

Please, help us spread the word! Invite your friends to our Facebook event here.



An eagerly anticipated event by the men of our church each spring is our MOI (Men of Integrity) Advance–It’s an “Advance” because men of integrity don’t retreat!
It’s time to get registered for our 2019 event, which will take place Friday, May 10 at 7pm, through Saturday, May 11, at 4pm.
This year’s theme is, “Reframing and Reclaiming Manhood”! You will be encouraged, challenged, and blessed and have the opportunity to refocus with other men that are striving to do the same!
Tony Myles will be our special guest speaker. He’s a professor at Crown College in St. Bonifacius, Minnesota, as well as a husband, dad, pastor, and more! He’ll be joining us as part of this Advance and has a special message for you in the video below.
The event will be held at the beautiful Deuth Farm in Hammond, WI, and is suitable for men and boys, ages 12+ (at C3 Church, that’s our GYP through YYs). Together you will enjoy food and fellowship, zip lining, a climbing wall, and golf. The cost for this event is $35.00*.
  *Overnight accommodations are not included.
In addition to recreation and fellowship, you can look forward to these three guided sessions:
Session #1: The Daily Grind – Reframing and Reclaiming Your Identity
Session #2: Necessary Anger – Reframing and Reclaiming Manly Emotions
Session #3: A Complete 360 – Reframing and Reclaiming Relationships
This year’s Advance schedule looks like this:
1:00 pm- Arrive at Hammond Golf Club
4:00 pm- Meet at the Dueth house for Trap, Archery and fellowship
4:20 pm- Golfers arrive at Deuth Farm
5:30 pm- Dinner
6:30 pm- Service #1
8:30 pm- Hang out time (Games, Foosball, Ping Pong, Darts & Climbing Wall
8:30 am- Breakfast
9:30 am- Service #2
10:30 am- Outdoors (Zip Line, Paintball, Archery, Shooting Trap)
12:30 pm- Lunch
1:30 pm- Final Service
2:30 pm- Hang Out
4:00 pm- Head Back
Questions? Contact Daniel Deuth at 651-304-7980.




We have some exciting news for you all! We just learned that the Blended & Blessed 2019 Live event will be taking place at Berean Baptist Church in Burnsville! We’ve decided that we just can’t pass up the opportunity to see all these amazing speakers in a live setting surrounded by hundreds of other blended families! It’s the same date, same speaker line-up, and same admission fee!  Join us… you won’t want to miss this!
You’ll find registration details here!
To give you a taste of what’s in store for you during this event, we’re sharing this article by Ron L. Deal, author and President of Smart Stepfamilies, Director of FamilyLife Blended, a division of FamilyLife. If any of these words resonate with you and what you’re experiencing in your blended family, you’ll want to register for the Blended & Blessed event!
“Thanks for recognizing that we’re not the churches dirty little problem.”
John was spiritually paralyzed by his past.  “I just never thought I could go back to church again, after the divorce and all.  And to top it off, I went and got remarried.  Everyone knows stepfamilies are not considered whole, just mended parts of what’s been broken.”
His statement captures the spiritual struggle of many Christian stepfamily adults.  Guilt over decisions or actions that contributed to a divorce and a sense of shame from living in a “less than whole” family situation lead many people to feel as if they are “the churches dirty little problem.”  For others, an overwhelming feeling of unworthiness keeps them in a holding pattern around God and his church, but never touching down in his love.  These dynamics often combine to create spiritual barriers for stepfamily members that distance them from God’s healing power.
Second Class Citizens?
I responded to John’s spiritual guilt and shame by suggesting that even though he didn’t live in an “ideal family” configuration, he wasn’t a second class Christian in God’s Kingdom.  “God’s plan for one man and one woman for life does bring greater harmony to the home, but living in an intact family does not determine our worth in God’s eyes, nor our ability to receive forgiveness.”  I went on to share with John the truth about many of the characters of the Bible who were men of great faith, but whose families were far less than ideal.
“Abraham lied on two occasions saying Sarah wasn’t his wife.  He was afraid for his life so he disowned her.  How selfish is that?” I pointed out.  Sarah and Hagar fought over which of their sons would be the most important in Abraham’s family.  Much like a modern-day stepfamily, there was jealousy, bitter rivalries, and loyalty conflicts between Abraham and his two wives (see Gen. 16, 21).  And the problems didn’t stop with his generation.  If we analyze the families of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph-the Family of Promise-we see power struggles, family secrets, exploitive and coercive relationships, marital game-playing, manipulation, and parent-child alliances for selfish reasons.  Furthermore, the dysfunction continues to mushroom through the family of David, who is called a “man after God’s own heart”, but whose household included a premeditated murder to cover an affair, an out-of-wedlock pregnancy, a son who replicates his father’s disgrace by raping his half sister, and a brother who avenges her humiliation by murdering his brother.  John was beginning to feel a little better about his past and current stepfamily.
Forgiveness for All
Stepfamilies need to understand this critical message: there are no second class citizens in God’s Kingdom simply because there are no first class citizens.  We’re all just sinners in need of a Savior.  If God could use imperfect men like Abraham and David for his purposes, why can’t he use people in stepfamilies?  If God can bring redemption to the houses of Isaac and Jacob, can’t he bring redemption to yours?
The exciting message of the cross is this: God loves and forgives the imperfect people in stepfamilies just like he does the imperfect people in biologically intact families.  He is ready, willing, and able to welcome stepfamilies into righteousness.  The only question is will you step up to receive his forgiveness?  Will you step up to renew your relationship with him or remain paralyzed by your guilt and shame?
His door is always open…step on in.
Ron L. Deal is founder of Smart Stepfamilies™, Director of FamilyLife Blended™, a division of FamilyLife®, and is the author/coauthor of numerous books including The Smart Stepfamily Marriage, The Smart Stepmom, The Smart Stepdad, Dating and the Single Parent, and the bestselling The Smart Stepfamily. He is one of the featured speakers at Blended & Blessed Live 2019.



Ladies, start packing your bags because you’re invited to a girlfriends getaway that is sure to revive your spirit and touch your soul. The adventure begins at 4:30pm on Friday, April 12, and continues until 4:00pm on Saturday, April 13, 2019.
Our theme will be ‘Living Balanced in My Purpose’ and we couldn’t think of a better backdrop for this adventure than Frederic, WI’s Oak Forest Center.
Yes, we’ll be heading to Wisconsin’s Northwoods, for a day and half of girlfriend time. We’ll grow together in our faith and connect on a deeper level with one another while learning to apply God’s Word to the season of life we are in.
You’ll be surrounded by the fabulous beauty of God’s handiwork among the beautiful cedar and limestone buildings of the Oak Forest Center. This spiritual oasis nestled in the woods will be the perfect backdrop to focus on the Lord’s work in our hearts and minds. You’ll have the time and space to drink in nature with walks in the woods and along the pond. Fellowship will include playing games together. However, relaxing with your friends will be the best activity of all!
Ladies 6th grade and up are welcome. Space is limited so you’ll want to get registered right away! When you register, you will be contacted regarding sleeping arrangements and an email will go out with information about carpooling.
C3 Ladies Retreat 2019
4:30pm, Friday, April 12 to 4:00pm, Saturday, April 13, 2019
Oak Forest Center, Frederic, WI
For questions or registration assistance, please see Guest Services at church.


Friday Night
4:30pm – Check in
5:30pm – Dinner
6:30pm – Ice Breaker / Get to Know You Games
6:45pm – Praise and worship
7:15pm – Session 1 -Balance
8:00pm – Prayer
8:30pm – Movie – Mom’s Night Out Games – Catch Phrase, Heads UP Free Time
8:30am – Breakfast
9:30am – Icebreaker/ Get to Know you Games
10:00am – Praise and worship
10:30am – Session 2 – Purpose
11:15am – Time of Reflection/ Alone Time
12:30pm – Lunch 1:15pm – Praise and worship
1:30pm – Small Group Discussions and Prayer for those in your group
2:45pm – Wrap up and group picture
3:00pm – Clean up and check out