If you’ve ever wished you had C3 Church worship times, sermon archives, the opportunity to give, and more, all at your fingertips, you’ll be excited to know that you can now download the C3 Us app in the iTunes App and Google Play Stores!
Download the app onto your smartphone today to take your church with you wherever you go! To download, follow the instructions below based on your phone. 
Android Directions:  Open the Google Play Store icon on your phone and search for C3 US. You’ll recognize us by our logo. Click Install. You should now see the C3 icon on your phone.
Apple Device Directions: The Apple device process for our app is not quite as straightforward as on an Android device. However, these instructions will guide you.
Open the iTunes App Store icon on your phone. Search for The Sharefaith App (it’s categorized under Lifestyle–The icon appears to the left).
Once The ShareFaith App is downloaded onto your device, tap the icon to open. In the “Find Your Church|Ministry” box, search for C3 US. Select our church and save. You will be asked, “Which Icon would you like to use for the home screen?”.  Choose “My Ministry”. You will then be asked to allow the app to send you notifications. Please click “Allow” so we can keep in touch with you. 
Need help? See Guest Services on Sunday.