C3 Church actively supports numerous missions around the globe. 

Leann Peterson


LeAnn originates from Ellsworth and has been a missionary in Ukraine for 7 years. LeAnn’s main focuses are reaching those in villages, working with orphans, training and supporting local ministers, and doing children’s ministry.


Terry and Cary Nelson (Light Ministries)


Terry and Cary Nelson have been in the ministry since 1980. They incorporated LIGHT MINISTRIES, an outreach based on and guided by the Word of God. Without compromise, they have preached the Word of God in several countries, but their first love is Haiti, where they have served for over 28 years.


John Dolinschi


John Dolinschi was born in 1953 in Suceave, Romania to dedicated Christian parents. After receiving the Holy Spirit, he was born again. For John, being a Christian in a Communist nation required a full committment to Christ. Recieving threats as a child because of his Christian stand only intensified John’s dedication to the Lord.


Web site: www.ccfromania.com


First Choice Clinic

First Choice Clinic nurtures a Christ-like view of human life through hope, help and life-affirming choices to women, men, and teens in our community.