Welcome Grant Humphrey

We’ve made a huge and exciting step here at C3 Church!  We have made our first full-time hire (besides Matthew and Angelina), Grant Humphrey.


Of course, you all know and love Grant and Makenzie Humphrey and their daughter Hazel. Grant will be leading our praise and worship ministry, supporting our youth ministry with curriculum direction, and assisting with all things technology. He will also become the face of our Saturday service at the Hudson Campus when that begins.


“Thank you to all those who have congratulated us already,” said Grant. “We are ready to hit the ground running and see what Jesus has planned for this next step with C3 Church. We are ecstatic to join C3 Church, helping reach more people who are looking for a place to Belong and Become all God has created them to be! Lastly, we want to thank Pastor Matt & Angel, and all of the Elder team for this opportunity to become Creative Director for C3 Church.”


We know Grant will do amazing things and that skills and talents will be a blessing to us!